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Re: [SLE] Diacritical marks
On Thu, 2002-01-03 at 11:07, Robert Thyberg wrote:
> In KMail under SuSE 7.3, I am using a standard 101-key keyboard set up with
> English (US) and US-ascii in the Kmail setup. Frequently I need to use
> diacritical marks (Swedish and German). In Win98 it is easy (ALT+---).
> I can change the Keyboard to Swedish or German using YAST and get the
> characters I want but that is not convienent..
> Can anyone give me the proper keystrokes and/or procedure to do this??
> Have checked Unicode and Evertype to no avail.
> Regards,
> Bob

What you need to look into is the "dead keys" setting. In the KDE
Control Center (if you are using KDE, I'm assuming that you are), go to
Peripherals -> Keyboard and ensure that "Disable keyboard Layouts" is
not checked. The scenario that I use is that "U.S. English" is my
Primary Layout, but I also have "U.S. English w/ deadkeys" checked.

You will now notice a new icon in your KPanel Tray that resembles an
itty bitty little flag with US emblazoned on it. If you left click on
this icon, you'll see a noticable change in the background flag. When it
is a standard US "Stars and Stripes" flag, your keyboard will act as
normal... but when it is on the other type of flag, you're keyboard will
act a little differently.

Here is the secret -- if you press the apostrophe "'" key once (with or
without the shift key held down to get a double quote), you'll notice
that nothing types. This is a "toggle" key - which toggles the accents
on and off. Now just type a vowel - like an a, which becomes "á" and
with the shift key held down, it becomes "ä". The standard e becomes "é"
and with shift becomes "ë". So you are basically typing ' then a or "
then a, depending on which accent you would like above the vowel. If you
want an apostrophe or a double quote, just press the key twice. This
works for all of the vowels, á, é, í, ó, ú and sometimes ý (ä, ë, ï, ö,
ü and sometimes ÿ too! :-))

I like this system much better than the alt+numbers Window's system,
because it's more logically thought out and much easier to remember, as
pretty much everything in KDE is.

So there you have it -- Steve's somewhat complex guide to fun and
Diacritical Marks / Vowel Accents.

Have a great day!

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