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  • From: Matt <matt@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 11:48:26 +0700
  • Message-id: <200201010347.g013lAR15402@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Monday, 31. December 2001 20:31, Andre Truter wrote:
> On Mon, 2001-12-31 at 11:10, Maura Edelweiss wrote:
> > Sorry,I finally found the site where gimp-print 4.2 is stored. That web
> > site is a real maze .
> > Spontaneeously I clicked on "Download" and found the old versions I
> > mentioned previously ...

I got mine from
gimp-print-4.2.0.tar.gz from

> > Another amazing event is the different downloading behaviours..I mean,
> > using Netscape and clicking on the old gimp-print versions a window
> > popped up asking me where to dowload the files. While clicking on
> > gimp-print 4.2 the data dowloading process started and completed but I
> > couldn't find the downloaded file anywhere (searched by command "find /*
> > -name <filename> -print"). Where did the data go ???

This I see happening when I click with the LEFT mouse button on the link.
Some browsers do think, the file type to download is a file to display, in
html or text format or whatever. It does not store the file somewhere,
except in its cache, and there the file name is probably not the same.

You can avoid that by clicking on the link with the RIGHT mouse button, and
then choose from the pop up menu something like 'save target as'.

> > Please, find attached the text file where I recorded all the messages
> > printed out to the screen by the "gimp-printer" procedure.
> > Hopefully there is a workaround to this further hurdle ...

no attachements with the list, cannot comment

> > I've started to think that probably my EPSON C60 is not the best choice
> > for a SuSE platform ...

It's probably OK, you just have to go through this now, you're nearly there.

> 1) You need to install gimp-devel

I needed cups-devel and also gtk-devel

> My workstation that the printer is attached to is running RedHat7.2, and
> my Server is running SUSE, so I have not compiled the gimp-print on
> SuSE, but I have now run the configure on my SuSE box and it is OK.

I compiled it on Suse 7.2 just yesterday, after installing cups-devel and
gtk-devel from the original CDs. No problem, it worked fineI can print now.

> Funny that SuSE do not install flex as part of the default development
> tools?? (I also had to install it now)

I can't remember that I needed to install this, it seems to be already on my

> Remember to run the configure with the cups option:
> ./configure --with-cups


Happy New Year!

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