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Re: [SLE] Jon's Opera Rant
  • From: Ben Rosenberg <ben@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 12:08:01 -0800
  • Message-id: <20011113120801.I2147@xxxxxxxxx>
In addition ..I would let you know Jon that Mozilla 0.9.5 has this
tabbed feature as well :P

* Dave Barton (bmcs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) [011113 04:14]:
->In the thread [SLE] Linux vs Windows Jon Pennington
->[cowboydren@xxxxxxxxx] ranted:
->> Oh, and WTF is up with Opera? Does it still do implement that
->> cranial-rectal-inversion scheme where it demands that every browser
->> window be a daughter to an Opera mother window? Folks, I run four
->> pages, an average of eight browser sessions, and a half-dozen other
->> applications. I have no time to screw around with an application
->> demanding that I interract with it a certain way. Browsers help
->> do real work, not the other way around. I know, this is a feature
->> not a bug, but can we make this runtime-configurable for crying out
->> loud?
->You may be interested to take a look at:
->Maybe they do listen to what users want :)
->OK, it's windo$e, but word has it that Opera is working to get the
->next Linux version out ASAP with much the same features.
->Dave (Opera Loving) Barton
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