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Re: [SLE] minimal suse install on low-mem laptop
  • From: Martin Lasarsch <malasa@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 10:04:18 +0100
  • Message-id: <20011105090233.1C7B9E63DD@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> I'm planning to install some flavor of linux on an old Toshiba 425CDT
> laptop. This laptop has "only" 8M RAM, so a normal SuSE install seems
> to be not possible. I can get the system to boot off a floppy, but I
> get errors from Yast (any version) when it tries to do it's thing, most
> likely due to low memory.
> All I need is a minimal install. The laptop is going to be used as a
> data-gathering and monitoring system for a weather station and solar
> power generator. It'll be attached to a LAN and be running a web server
> and some custom cgi (perl) scripts. At this point I'm not even sure if
> I'll be putting X on it, though I might run Perl/Tk scripts on it with
> the gui/windows on another computer over the LAN.
> So anyway, is there an easy way to get a -minimal- (kernel, networking,
> and rpm for apache & perl) SuSE on this computer? I have CDs for 7.1
> and 6.1, and I guess I could hack something together easily enough from
> them to get the job done. I'm just wondering if it might be easier
> still to start with another distro in the first place. Anyone done this
> sort of thing before? Any suggestions?

try this:

I installed afair 7.0 on a laptop with 8MB and it worked fine, beside
that it was a little bit slow :-) X also runs, i prefer for this kind of
installations icewm.

anyway, if possible try to get some more ram.

cu Martin
malasa@xxxxxx ---

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