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Re: [SLE] minimal suse install on low-mem laptop
On Sat, 2001-11-03 at 18:43, John Grant wrote:
> I'm planning to install some flavor of linux on an old Toshiba 425CDT
> laptop. This laptop has "only" 8M RAM, (....)

OK, so far I see no answers to your post. That's sad, cause in some way
that would have interested me too :-((
First thing coming to my mind, I think there is an SDB article about
installation on a system with very low memory. Did you check this ?
Unluckily I have no idea how this article was called or which URL it is.
Next idea, maybe peanutlinux could rescue you? I only heared of the name
and don't know how it works, but as far as I remember it ships 'all
inclusive' on a 150MB image available e.g. at, so you can
dl this and burn your install CD - I hope it does include a boot floppy
image which you will need for creating your bootdisk.

Hope that can help for the beginning ....


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