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RE: [SLE] 7.3 anti-aliased fonts weirdness
  • From: "lims" <lims@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 08:45:34 -0600
  • Message-id: <DNEDKEGJBHMMEKKKIIHDGEENDIAA.lims@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
I agree. Just installed 7.3 and the fonts are unreadable in many apps such
as the xterm. I've tried antialiasing on and off, it doesn't make a
difference. Whats up with this and how do you fix it?

Chris Geske
LIMS Manager
Northern Lake Service, Inc.
email: lims@xxxxxxxxxxxx
phone: 715-478-2777

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From: dids [mailto:richard@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2001 4:54 AM
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Subject: Re: [SLE] 7.3 anti-aliased fonts weirdness

Nope Ive been using Tahoma for a long time now. Its not just tahoma that is
funny, its most of them.
If you try turning of Anti-Aliasing on fonts below a certain point site (
Xftconfg ) you get even worse results.
Ive done the fetchmsttfonts thing just to be certain.

There is something weird with the font setup. believe me.


> On Monday 29 October 2001 17:53, you wrote:
> > Im getting really weird looking fonts with 7.3 and anti-aliased turned
> > on, tahoma looks v unpleasant
> >
> > dids
> Tahoma is a Microsoft font, so I suspect it will always look "ragged"
> whether aliased or not 'cos it simply isn't available by default. Fwiw, I
> do actually want to see web pages in all their glory(?) - via mozilla, so
> followed the procedure described in the SuSE 7.2 reference manual under
> heading: Inserting Additional (True Type) Fonts. If things haven't changed
> that much in 7.3 - it should do the trick for you... ;-)
> Chris

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