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Re: [SLE] Nvidia cards
On Monday 01 October 2001 04:35 pm, you wrote:
> How does Linux deal with Nvidia video cards? I am thinking of getting a
> Dell laptop and they come with that card, so far as I can tell.

Hi Dennis:

I would not get a computer with a nVIDIA card. Here is why:

1) While nVIDIA cards do give excellent graphics they tend to screw up other
applications like 3D drawings in Star Offices StarDraw. Also, screensavers
sometimes malfunction.

2) nVIDIA cards sometimes causes hang on logout.

3) Certain applications, when run on an nVIDIA card, like Gtulpas and Xmms
cause serious crashes.

4) You may not be able to return to your original session after switching to
a virtual console.

5) Certain applications that use anti aliased fonts (GV) do not work
properly, if an nVIDIA card is installed.

6) nVIDIA drivers are not part of the SuSE distribution; you have to download
them and install them. A kernel patch is also required.

7) The provided software drivers are closed source so their can be no check,
by, on whether they will work properly.

I had a nVIDIA card installed in my computer for 18 months. Whether I
installed SuSE, Mandrake or RedHat made no difference. There was always some
glitch. If nVIDIA could not provide satisfactory drivers in that 18 month
period, they never will. nVIDIA is a serious gamming card. For instance, you
can use your nVIDIA card to play video roulette, with Sax2, for hours on end!
Video roulette is where you constantly reconfigure XF86Config in an attempt
to get the pestiferous nVIDIA to work. Basically, if you like protracted
configuration problems then nVIDIA is for you.

IMHO I would try and get an IBM laptop as they probably come with an ATI
card. You should check for linux compatibility here.

A word of warning: If you buy a Dell laptop and then install Linux on it,
you may not be able to get warranty support. That has been my experience and
also the experience of a Mr. Mike Hall:



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