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Hello to all.

I have a program to reset admin passwd on NT and windows 2000 servers, so
pls mail me if you still need it?? It is on 1.7 MB

Best wishes Tage in Denmark

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Fra: Anders Johansson [mailto:andjoh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sendt: 1. oktober 2001 18:03
Til: suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxx

On Monday 01 October 2001 02.08, Oliver Ob wrote:
> This is half on-topic, half off-topic. What I need is this:
> Have two NT4 machines here, lost my admin pw. Password has been
> already transferred to a company server 800 kilometers away, so please
> do not advise me to simple reset my admin pw and enter a new one.
> Thanks.
> I am trying with lopht and john the ripper but need the
> following:
> I do see that the password length is != the amount of characters
> in the sam file, so:
> Is there a linux (or at least dos) application, that can
> estimate of the password LENGTH inside NT's SAM file?
> And:
> How do I know (under linux) how LONG my pw is? (etc/password)
> this would be the same for nt, won*t it?

I have no idea how things work under nt, but under linux there is no way of
knowing how long the password is. The random-looking characters in your
shadow file is not in fact your password encrypted, but a string of 11 zeros
encrypted using your password as key, preceded by two characters used as
'salt' in the encryption. So the string in shadow is always 13 characters
long, if your password is 'a' or 'abcdefgh'.

> old mail was:
> thanks for replying, michael, but this dot not answer my question
> that I asked: how do I know how LONG my pw is, see I only see this
> mish mash of ascii chars, furthermore the length is not accurate
> the same as the original pwd. same on nt, isn't it`?
> brgds
> o


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