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Re: [SLE] [OT] Linux for home Desktop.
  • From: StarTux <matthew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2001 15:18:08 -0700
  • Message-id: <3B92B020.9060202@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I already saw some feedback on my message.

I did not really want a flame blowing here, but i would people to understand me correctly:

most people are just too shy to place their feedback to developers and package makers, whereas more feedback could help make linux more user-friendly enviroment.

I admire the work of Open Source develpers, who do all this stuf mostly in their spare time.
I greatly admire work of SuSE engineers. And though this company now spares hard days, it still continues to deliver us its great solutions and service.

If you are a programmer, and know how to do the thing you want to see -- just tell it or post you changes. If you are not -- just tell your wishes.

I say all this things, because i know some of my friend who patch programs themselves, saying: someone should have already posted the bug/feature i found, why should I tell the developer about it twice? -- But they did not even check this, and in the next release they find the same old bugs/features in their old places.

For example MOZILLA project -- i guess they have enough work on sorting wishes and bug reportings already, but still, they ask us (users) for more feedback to improve the quality of their product for us (users)

That is exactly what i wanted to say, not willing to offend our honored developers and package builders!

Sincerelly here,

And if a distro went a step further and integrated some of those plugins lot of reviewers would probably be impressed, but I understand time=money.

By the way, with PenguinFriendly I have had quite a few succeses, take for instance, this used to not work with Konqueror and Mozilla and others have always answered my questions to some extent, even tried to work around issues so that everyone can access certain parts of the website. If more people would provide both positive and negative feedback things would improve and you would benefit.

[OT]On Penguin Friendly I am still out of work and cannot afford to move the site right now, unless soemone wants to host a full domain (and if you want to do web design let me know too, just have to be W3C compliant).[OT]

The problem here is a balance between percieved bloat and functionality but what is exactly bloat?


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