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Re: [SLE] Linux newbie thoughts ....
  • From: stephane parenton <sparenton@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 14:56:46 +0200
  • Message-id: <3B2A060E.DC99D89D@xxxxxxxxxxx>
"Briggs, N. - Neil -" wrote:
> Dear List members

> I just thought that I would post some of my thoughts after struggling with
> Linux for the last couple of months. The reason for giving linux a go came
> as a request from my manager as we thought it would be ideal for some of our
> computing requirements, cost I believe was the major issue here.

> Sorry for such a long winded vent. I know people here think linux is great,
> but this has not been my experience. I hope I dont get flamed too much for
> this email.

Hi, I hope you won't get flamed because everyone sees with his own eyes... Linux is great, regarding what you want to do with it, and it's friendly, yes... but you have to work a while.... Of course, it's not as easy as a windows PC, but do you remember
when you had to struggle with soundcards and network cards etc when it was the terrible dos/windows duet... As linux is quite young regarding its multimedia ability, you can't ask it to be as easy as another well established OS. Though it doesn't mean
that you can't do things.... You just have to go deeper in the system... Since it is done, then your system will rock, and you'll probably be more than happy with it... first because it will be more than efficient, then because you'll have it done YOUR
way, with what YOU wanted, without having things that doesn't interested you.... And with my beginner point of view, you'll be proud to make things running at the first attempt... and I don't know many of users that can be proud of a rocking system
excepts linux users...

As a conclusion, Linux is the best, as windows is the best, as amigaOS is the best (hi to all amiga veteran ;-) ).... It all depends on what you want to do with it, and the involvement level you can spare on it... You'll often find linux users as
"monopoly fighters"... The point is not to change from one monopoly to another... it's only to get the freedom to choose one os or another without fearing to be "outlaws" whenever you're not amongst the majority.... Linux may not be the most interesting
system for you now, it may won't be ever, as windows may not be a good system at all for most of us here... :)) But I respect you're point of view... any OS is good only if it fits its users needs.... don't do because you're told, do because you want :)))


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