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Not a good way to promote your Expo !!
Please don't be too offended but do the words "LINUX" mean anything to you?
Or words like "Konquror and Mozilla (a completely netscape compliant browser,
kinda like they develop for netscape)? Konqueror is the default web browser
for LINUX and come standard with any Linux distrobution that use the Window
Manager for KDE desktop (which to my understanding is also a defautl window
manager - KDE that is). Running a "Linux World Expo" and then tell user and
prospective attendees that they "must" use either IE4.5 or Netscape 4.5 later
is like inviting someone to a party and telling them to call to let them know
if they'll be comming, but refusing to give them the phone number when they
ask for it. It doesn't make sense. And further more If you have used a web
editor like "Frontpage" by Microsoft you're not using a web standards
compliant web editor and that's would explain why many "LINUX" user may not
attend. Just something to think about (and many Linux users have expressed
their displeasure with the development - not a good endorsement for your Expo
to be honest).

Respectfully, Curtis Rey (Linux user who can't register via the web, and
won't fax you a registration request) :) :) :).

"Please note: In order to register on-line, you MUST be using Netscape
4.5 or later or Internet Explorer 4.5 or later. If you are not, please
update your browser or register by Mail or Fax."

A Linux site? Nope, running on Windows and probably made via your
Frontpage standard.

What happens when they decide to go MS IE only? "Ms IE 6 needed to view
this site, please upgrade your browser"?

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