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The Windows to Linux Conversion
"Banning proprietary upgrades and new programs This is a must.
Microsoft upgrades have two purposes. One is obvious -- cash flow. The
other purpose is to cut off your avenues of escape. Every version
breaks compatibility with other software to which you might transition.
When UCITA passes in Washington State, it will be illegal to reverse
Microsoft software for the purpose of importing its data files. If you
ban proprietary upgrades right now, there's an excellent chance you'll
have a clear conversion path when the time comes.

A huge issue is brewing with copy protection. I've heard a vague and
unsubstantiated rumor of the existence of some modern proprietary
software that requires a new "key" from the vendor each and every time
you reinstall. According to this rumor, they charge significant amounts
(like $35.00) to read you that key over the phone. Every app, $35.00
(or whatever) Get a virus? $35.00. Disk crash? $35.00. Windows
meltdown? $35.00. Motherboard dies? $35.00. Windows registry got too
big? $35.00. And in 5 years, do you think the vendor will be willing to
sell you the key? Or will they force you to upgrade all those apps you
use just to get at ancient data? And of course, those new versions
might convert your data to a format not importable into any other
software. All this is rumor, but my reading of the text of the UCITA
proposed legislation tells me that it's all perfectly legal and
enforceable under UCITA. The software vendor wouldn't really do this to
their customers, would they? I don't know -- how do you think Microsoft
would handle such a situation? Would you bet your business on it?

You can't switch all your apps at once. You must continue to use your
Windows box as an appliance to run a few apps. You need to be able to
install and reinstall that appliance and those apps over and over again
in years to come.

Stop upgrading and buying proprietary apps today!"

----/ / _ Fred A. Miller
---/ / (_)__ __ ____ __ Systems Administrator
--/ /__/ / _ \/ // /\ \/ / Cornell Univ. Press Services
-/____/_/_//_/\_,_/ /_/\_\ fm@xxxxxxxxxxx

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