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Re: [SLE] The Big Changeover and Bochs.
Hello Geoff,
Hopefully I can answer some of your questions.

> One runs dual boot SuSE 7.1 and Win98.
> The other just Win98.
> I have to keep at least one machine working with W98 because I have
> three Windows and two DOS applications I wish to keep.
> If I had Bochs, would this enable me to run windows and DOS progs on
> the LINUX box ?

Yes. I should note that Windows is slow in Bochs, but your DOS apps should
run great, and many people have had success running Windows apps in Bochs
too. The initial Bochs install takes less than 5 minutes (including download
on a broadband connection), and immediately gives you a copy of DLX-Linux to
try out.
If all goes well with that, it shouldn't take more than probably 30-60
minutes to configure and have a working DOS installation going. I recommend
reading /usr/local/bochs/1.2/DOC-linux.html for some hints and tips after
installation. You may also want to read the Bochs man pages (see the "See
Also" section in bochs(1) for a complete listing of man pages for Bochs).

> I have never tried emulators before.
> Any other LINUX newbies running Bochs yet ?

I'm not sure if there are or not, but with the release of an RPM, I can
guarantee there will be. It is truely easy to try bochs out. Just download
the RPM from the site (the i386 one), and open up Konsole in KDE or xterm and


You will then be prompted for your root password, enter it.

rpm -Uvh bochs-1.2.i386.rpm

Now, to try Bochs out with the included copy of DLX Linux, type:


> Does Bochs compete with vmware etc. ?

Sortof. Bochs is an emulator, meaning that it tries to fully emulate your
computer (this also means it can run on other processors such as the PowerPC
ones in Macintoshes or Linux-PPC systems). VMware on the other hand is what's
called a virtualizer, it appears to do the same thing on a x86 computer, but
is actually only "sort of" emulating the system. This means VMware is a lot
faster, but doesn't run on different types of systems. So both have the same
goal, but different approaches.


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