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Re: [SLE] Compiling the kernel and staying compatable?
On Sunday 04 March 2001 00:45, Steven T. Hatton wrote:
<The mother of all Snips>

I admire that you are doing this to learn too. So much nicer when you think
"ahhh I know exactly what is going on here".

With ALSA I have not had to recompile it if its the same version. In fact I
have recompiled 2.4.2 numerous times to get it fine tuned, and never once had
to recompile ALSA. I will have to recompile when I upgrade to 2.4.3 though.
Many of these non-Kernel modules have been built around standard Kernel loads
that came with the distribution. I cannot remember the reason, I read it at from the install file from the glibc source...

The modules are the new Linux technique, not LSB, not SuSE. 2.4 is
structurely different....I think the next release shall be much smoother. I'd
like to make an install script that will install the kernel flawlessly....But
my programming is limited to some C and C++....


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