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Huston, we have a problem, or two.. with 7.1.
After upgrading to 7.1 from 7.0 I can say that:
a) my 1996 Sony VAIO P166 with 64MB of RAM runs about 1/2 as fast.
"locate" for example, use to snap back. Now it can take 30 secs to a minute.
SO5.2, slow to load to begin with but acceptable in 7.0, has about doubled
it's load time in 7.1 (But, it will be fast eought for my wife, who would make
a newbie look like a seasoned pro :-)

b) the REAL REASON for this missive: MuPAD-1.4.2, on the SuSE CD, will
not run under KDE2. When you click on xmupad or chose it from the KDE2
menu structure what pops up is Hytex, the xwindow mupad manual. Xmupad
never appears. When you close Hytex it disappears off the screen but stays
in memory hogging up to 30% of the CPU resources doing nothing.
I have to kill it manually.

To test things out, I downloaded and installed the tar version
of MuPAD-1.4.0 (notice the prior to 1.4.2) and encountered the same
problem. The 1.4 tar version of MuPAD behaves identically.

AND, while I can use my registration on the 1.4.0 tar version of MuPAD to
remove the memory restraint, the registration code fails under 1.4.2,

Now I believe this is just a library problem. Which library do I have to load
to get 1.4.2 xmupad to run? I can always get another registration number.

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