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Re: [SLE] Best place to get SuSE 7.1
I have a friend, an assistant carpenter, who lives in Poland.
What is the most reliable (and economical) way to send him
a copy of SuSE 7.1?
I was thinking perhaps of purchasing it via CC in Europe
and mailing or FedXing it to his house.
Any feel for what it would cost?

Democracy may be dilusional, but its the best going form of
political delusion I've seen, heard, read about or lived.
It beats the dilusions the Chinese live under, or the Cuban
version, or the old "workers utopia" in the USSR. Now those
were REAL dilusions.

On Tuesday 13 February 2001 11:53, Jonathan Wilson wrote:
> At 11:14 AM 2/13/2001 +0000, you wrote:
> >Dear All and Joe,
> >
> >..... So c'mon guys, you're in one of the world's biggest
> >democracies, pester those congressmen into taking a wider and more
> > open view.
> Unfortunately, it does NOT work that way. Democracy is a delusion
> in the mind of man. If it worked, we wouldn't have things like the
> DMCA, or crypto export laws. If people actually used their heads
> (which is a basic premise of democracy - it assumes people can
> think), we wouldn't even have a patent office.
> >Best to all on both sides of the shining sea,
> >Fergus

Athiests believe they know there is no god.
Agnostics know they believe there is no god.
Thiests believe there is a god.
Christians believe in God through His Son, Jesus Christ.

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