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Re: [SLE] SuSE Inc. Lay offs?
  • From: jfweber@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 20:47:51 -0500
  • Message-id: <E14R2dz-0000Eo-00@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
**strings of ones and zeros arranged themselves into a message from "John Ross Hunt" <bigboote@xxxxxxxxxxxx> on Thu, 8 Feb 2001 16:18:01 -0600
which said...

**If all that matters is the bottom line, then yes, you are justified with the
**new pricing scheme. But if you're at all concerned with keeping your
**present customers happy you ought to reconsider.

Excuse moi, But this is silly, if as is most likely true, teh price
point was worked out to give a small profit ( we DO have to pay the
programmers and people who answer phones, and utility bills etc) , yet
you suggest one should *LOSE* money on each sale just to make a price
point that keeps the "customers" happy??? Just how long do you think the
company can stay afloat doing that? There isn't any Howard Huges or
Daddy Warbucks fronting the money so that sosem children can say they
are in the Software business. People have to eat, pay for the kiddies to
get their shots , and the bloody medicines to cure whatever the lates
bug going round is. Food for the kiddies is a nice idea too, tend to
keep you out of the judges chambers when soemone compalins that your
kids always have the sniffles and look hungry. Grocery stores dont
advance credit any more, Utility companies insist on real cash for their
products , every person who maintains a home and faily in addition to
whatever computer fun they have is required to have a job which produces
at least a sunsistence wage. Teh best peopel just do not stay where the
wages aren't enough to cover their living costs, Tooth Fairies havne't
been seen round here in donkey's years.

**Personally, I am not
**planning to buy 7.1 because I recently purchased 7.0 a few months ago and
**can't justify the cost to upgrade. 7.0 isn't broken, so why bother at this
That's fine w/ everybody on the list. Still no need to rubish a sound
business move. Should the US economy go the way it did last "downturn"
ther will be lots of folks w/ no job and no prospect of one, Do you
think Europe could be far behind? And seems to me Europe is where most
of the folks are. Should things start looking up in US and Asia, more
folks can be rehired, but it's tough to get a bank to give you operating
money if they believe you have too many on the payroll!

**Let's start with the box. I throw away the box as soon as it's opened.
**Ditch it.

and wrap the cds in what exactly? not to mention the manuals . have
you considered just getting an upgrade every now and then?

**Second. All those manuals. Never read 'em. Never will. Ditch those too.

I suspected as much.. seen the sydrome before... IT doesn't seem to
occur to you that you are a bit self centered about this thing. That is
also no way to run a grown up business!

**The DVD edition. I don't have a DVD player so the DVD is pretty useless to
**me. Eliminate it.

Not in the $29 edition so your problem is??? I dont have a dvd drive
either, since I gerneally think they are prety useless... BUT, I have
frineds who ran the whole install from their dvds and love every bit of
it... So Me me me doesn't make the aurgument here. You do NOT have to
buy the edition that has those things included!!

**That's what I want, that's what I'd be willing to pay for. If $29.99 (US)
I believe that is what most of us have been saying to you all day, buy
the $29 version Geeze!

**Sorry SuSE, but if you price us out of the market we will simply look

Is there any chance of it? <G> j/k

**I shake my head in amazement and start thinking that Debian is looking
**mighty fine these days.

well shugah, if you are so esily amazedm wait til next year <VBG>



afterthought: Chopper 1 reports a major wreck on the Information Highway!!!

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