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Re: [SLE] Buy the distribution each release!
On 8 Feb 2001, at 11:15, Koos Pol gave vent to his wrath in these
terms :

> "My 2 pennyworth"? Maybe 1 pennyworth. At most. I hardly
have ever
> read such rediculous and offending words from this list. Why
don't you
> go to RedHat and hang on their ftp server for 2 x 650 MB's? You
have no
> place here. Please leave.

I re-read Chris Sarginson's post three times. (I do not know him by
the way). Where does it even hint that SuSE is any worse than its
competitors ? Where is the least suggestion of disrespect or lack
of sympathy for SuSE's employees ? I have read far worse (and far
less rational), things said about SuSE by other correspondents to
this list, and I don't recall anyone taking it upon themselves to
issue invitations to leave. SuSE "owns" this list, and to its great
credit (to the best of my knowledge at least), the company does
not shut out its critics. If SuSE is big enough to tolerate reasoned
dissent, can't you do the same ?



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