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Re: [SLE] Network dies under file transfer...
No problem! Wish I had the answer for you right away though.

I am going to replace my NIC's too, with more expensive ones. No point
getting cheap ones that end up having to be constantly replaced...Already
building up a pile myself...

If you were just using Windows you may not have ever known, or got this far.
I do not trust anything about Windows error messages and or driver status in
case they are lying.

Did you by any chance recieve any weird FETCHMAIL-DAEMON messages? Trying to
work out whether or not this is a security breach on my machine, or whether
its something else.


On Sunday 28 January 2001 07:17 pm, Christopher D. Reimer wrote:
> At 06:31 PM 1/28/2001, Matthew wrote:
> >Hey you are getting an error message! Thats something at least :-).
> >
> >I have little idea what it means though.....Its probably outside of most
> >peoples realm here.
> >
> >Try subscribing to the tulip mailing list on Only takes a few
> >minutes to setup, but someone may know precisely the causes of this
> > problem.
> >
> >Who is the manufacturer of the card?
> It's a Netgear FA310TX. I read through parts of the Scyld tulip list and
> discovered that this is a known bug with some recent versions of the tulip
> chipset. Basically, under heavy traffic that generates frame collisions,
> the chipset gets "confuse" and writes garbage to some frames. This causes
> the error message to happen, and, subsequently, shut downs the NIC. This
> is a common problem if the tulip NIC is not set to "auto-negotiation" and
> it's linked to a 10baseT hub. It's supposed to be less common if you are
> using a 100baseT hub. I verified that my file server and windows box were
> set correctly (they both have a FA310TX), I was able to transfer 95% of my
> files over before the network dropped out.
> I decided to get a new network card with a different chipset to eliminate
> the random crashes. I already spent several weeks determining that this
> wasn't a Windows/Samba/RAID/ReiserFS/kernel problem. I just subscribed to
> the tulip list, and will probably be on another Scyld list when I get the
> new card. Thanks for the help!
> Christopher Reimer

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