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Re: [SLE] goodbye YaST?
Yo, Ben!

I've been following these discussions with great interest (it's been quite
fun actually...:-), some of what's been said is both right and wise but a lot
of it is also just total crap (but funny).
But in such a long thread like this one someone has started believing that
someones 'question' actually was a 'statement' and grown out to become a
fact! No one has (yet) actually stated that YaST1 will be dumped.

Symptom: Hypothesis <= speculation <= fact <= (hysteria?)
Cause: Fear of the unknown (typically human)
Solution: Have fun!


On Tuesday 09 January 2001 21:01, Ben Rosenberg wrote:
> Could someone who has been paying attention to this thread tell me
> which SuSE Employee said Yast1 was going away or where this has been
> published. This is news to me and seems to be more then speculation
> for discussion and a waste of valuable bandwidth and time.

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