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Re: [SLE] Chirstmas parts ?????

From: Jerry Kreps <jerrykreps@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 16:20:47 -0600
Message-Id: <00122816204701.28714@JLKreps>
Subject: Re: [SLE] Chirstmas parts ?????

I'm curious....
Since 'wulfs' generally require that problems be broken
apart into Taylor or McLauren type expansions, so that
each node can be given a term to loop through, what
kinds of problems to you anticipate solving on your
own personal wulf?

On Thursday 28 December 2000 08:20, Des Aubery wrote:
> Hi James,
> I believe that what you are doing is great ... it can serve as a
> fore-runner and example for many of the less privileged nations (I
> come from South Africa).
> It would be great to see super-computer systems like this, and less
> sophisticated networks installed in schools in regions where people
> exist on a few $ per month. This would give the next generation of
> scholars a chance.
> Could you imagine if the First World were to donate their genuinely
> unused computing equipment to Africa - instead of worrying about
> whether or not to give financial hand-outs?
> "Give a man a fish and he will be satisfied for one meal.
> Teach a man to fish, and he will feed himself..."
> By the way, I happen to be one of Jim's "questioners"... :-))

Scientific theories, according to Sir Karl Popper, can be "falsified," or proven wrong, by experiment.
Unscientific theories -Marxist dialectical history and Freudian psychology were Popper's favorites-
are formed in such a way that they cannot be falsified by data.

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