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Re: [SLE] ati

Message-ID: <200012220948300758.0F71D588@exchange1>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 09:48:30 -0500
From: "Tim Duggan" <tduggan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [SLE] ati


On 12/21/00 at 8:37 PM Alex Garcia wrote:
>I have an ati all in wonder pro 128 video card, I am running suse
>and it is driving me crazy, it just does not work, can not use this
>video card, so can not use the xserver, how can I fix this? if I try
>configure it using sax the computer freezs with the x86config tool
>I do the changes select the video card and everything but the same
>it comes to startx the xserver gives me lots of errors and the sme
>not work, can some of you help me I have written several times to
>suse support but acording to them the solutionmay be to buy the
>suse ver.... because they do not give any support for 6.4 anymore,
>even if it is a bouta legal bought..... please please!!!

You didn't mention the X version you are using (3.3.6?). Did you
check the support database to find out if your card is supported.
Also there is a bios setting to look at

Finally, make sure you are using the rage 128 driver (sorry, I don't
know the proper name off the top of my head). There are two types of
"all in wonder" cards, the new one is based on the rage 128 chip and
the older one is mach64 based. IIRC, if you select "ati all in
wonder" that will try and use the mach64 driver which would be wrong.
You can either select the entry that is most similiar (any with the
rage 128 chipset) or hand edit XF86Config to point to the proper

Good luck,

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