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Re: [SLE] Printing problem after upgrade to 7.0
  • From: dougmack@xxxxxxxxxx (Doug McGarrett)
  • Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2000 13:53:39 -0500
  • Message-id: <>

Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2000 13:53:39 -0500
From: Doug McGarrett <dougmack@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [SLE] Printing problem after upgrade to 7.0

I too had printer problems "out of the box." As per someone
on this list, I found the file that has the printer setup
info (I forget its name now) and deleted the whole file. Then
I went to YAST2 and set it up again, and for some reason it
now works properly. (It not only printed the test message,
but also an email. Before, it printed the test message, but
anything else came out as many, many pages of garbage.)
If my previous request for help is archived, the thread is
"frustrated." That's where the answer was posted. It was
near the end of the thread. (I also got sound to work
with some kind reader's assistance. Thanx to all who have
helped!) --doug

English manuals do exist for SuSE, but I'm not sure how you
would get them in Italy. They're pretty decent, also. Maybe
they can be downloaded?

At 12:32 PM 12/01/2000 +0100, you wrote:
>Dear listmembers,
>a couple of weeks ago I posted a request concerning my problems
>of printing after upgrading to SuSE 7.0 (I would NEVER do it
>again! how many troubles for nothing more!). I waited
>before writing again to you, because I sent again a help request
>to SuSE. Since I had no answer, I take again the liberty to ask
>you if you can help me -- a computer without a printer is almost
>As suggested by some kind listmembers, I installed again the
>printer using Yast2. The "Hello wourld" page comes out
>correctly. Then the pritner (a very common HPLj3) is
>apparently installed correctly. But after that, what I get after
>trying to print with
>lpr -Pprinter1 moglie.txt
>is no printout and this message:
>lpr -Pprinter1 ~/moglie.txt
>Dec 1 12:19:15 pentiumiii lpr printer1: remote host
>pentiumiii.miarete: illegal ack code '$„@': Pipe rotta
>Your print job has been sent to printer 'printer1', job 2, rank:
>"Pipe rotta" is the Italian for "broken pipe".
>A lpq command outputs :
>Local printer 'printer1' on pentiumiii.miarete:
>Warning: queue is not active (no server present).
> Rank Owner Pr Job Host Files %
>Form Size Time
> 1st guido X 1 pentiumiii /home/guido/moglie...
>- 6.5K 12:09
> 2nd guido X 2 pentiumiii /home/guido/moglie...
>- 6.5K 12:19
>what on earth is happening? This "printer1" is the default name
>given by Yast2. I did not change it because I have only one
>printer, can call it with any name. But why "no server present"?
>Should I delete all of the contents of the spool directory? Or
>should I install everything from scratch?
>I am very upset with SuSE. I think I will back up my files,
>erase everything in the Linux partition and install Corel. I am
>also sorry because, since I teach in an educational department,
>I was thinking to start a big campaing for Open Source and so on
>in Italian schools -- but how can I do it, if paid support
>offered by the most popular Linux distribution in Italy is so
>weak? Besides that, I tried to persuade the SuSE support to print
>their manual in English if not in German -- their Italian is so
>horrible that I often must translate it back to German in order
>to understand it.
>Best regards, and thanks anyway!
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