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Re: [SLE] Goodby Suse, Hello Mandrake
  • From: donh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Don Hansford)
  • Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 20:12:12 +1000
  • Message-id: <39FAA67C.4D27DD50@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Eric Richards wrote:
> Hi Don & thank you
> this is the problem I DO NOT wish to "Have Fun" as you said, I was hoping
> use
> Linux as a useful tool to replace Windose, but all I get is problem after
> problem
> because it is not set up right, and you really have to learn Linux to fix
> problems

That is the point, exactly! :-)
Despite some of the over-inflated claims of certain resellers, Linux is
still not a simple thing to setup. The very nature of the beast lends
itself to customisation, but that requires quite a learning curve.

> I could be making things from bad to worse.

Been there .. done that! :-)

>I would like to learn Linux and
> not take the easy or lazy way out, just at the moment I have more important
> things to do with the computer and making the change to Linux has given me
> problems I thought would of been easier to work out.

Probably not a good idea to use _any_ unfamiliar product on a critical
system / task. If you can, find a second-hand low-end Pentium system,
load Linux on it, and 'play' with it. As with most things technical, the
learning curve starts off pretty steep, but flattens out eventually.
Best to be doing it without pressure for a start :-)

> I told a friend about my Linux problem he would like to come around and
> upgrade me from Suse 6.4 to 7.0 like going from fat to fire.

I wouldn't really see an upgrade as being the solution here :-)

> & I wish I could go 100% Linux and put Micro$ucks behind me,

You can ... but not overnight!
I only use it at work (where I have to teach it!), but Thursday nights I
teach Linux to a sell-out crowd, so that sorta makes up for it :-)

It really _can_ be fun!


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Regards Don Hansford
SQIT Warwick
<SuSE Linux 6.4>

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