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Re: [SLE] Digital photcopiers
  • From: arjen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Arjen Runsink)
  • Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 13:21:14 +0200
  • Message-id: <39F6C22A.9F62BD5B@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello Grant

Grant Walton wrote:
> Thanks Arjen for the pointers; do I understand correctly that it is
> possible to install a pointer in Samba without actually installing it as a
> printer under Linux? How is this done? As far as I can see (using Swat),

Let's just say that it is somwhere in the middle between you
misunderstanding and me not well explaining ;)

No, the printer needs to be installed in linux because Samba let's lpd
do the spooling and lpd uses the kernel for talking to the printer.

> the printcap files is read for printer entries even when setting up a
> printer share under Samba. The photocopier, I have discovered, is also
> PCL-5e, PCL-XL and PDL driver compatible.

The nifty thing you can do is export the raw printer and the standard
printer. The raw one depending on a driver on the client station, and
the standard one beeing actually handled by ghostscript. This makes it
possible to offload the conversion from PS to PCL to the printserver and
making this an easy config for Mac and Unix clients.

BB, Arjen

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