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[SLE] 2.2.16 Compile

I know that this has been raised before but I don't seem to see a solution...

Basically when running a 2.2.16 kernel, I get lots of char-major-4 warnings

The thing that confused me, is its trying to look in lib/modules/2.2.14.........
I have looked in /sbin/init.d/boot and line 233 is thus :-

for i in $MODULES_DIR /* $MODULES_DIR /*/* /etc/conf.modules' do

now it doesn't mean a lot to me but surely it should be modules.conf ?
I did try and change it to modules.conf but it didn't seem to make much
difference however I think theres something amiss which is causing the look up
of 2.2.14 modules rather than 2.2.16 (I have checked the link etc to

If anyone is better acquainted with startup scripts they may be able to shed
some light ?


ps. I only want 2.2.16 so I can patch it for USB and get my webcam working -
whens 2.4 due out ?

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