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Re: [SLE] Re: kde 2 final & kde 1.x apps
  • From: paul.c.leopardi@xxxxxx (paul.c.leopardi@xxxxxx)
  • Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2000 13:06:42 +1100
  • Message-id: <OF59EA196F.16D1E08D-ONCA256971.0004E8C5@xxxxxx>

If you do move things around like this, and you then update to SuSE 7.0,
using the "Update exising system" method in Yast (section 15.1,3 of the
SuSE Linux 6.4 manual) I suspect that the update will fail for KDE.
Similarly, I think you may have problems using the SuSE RPMs for KDE 2.0 if
you move /opt/kde to /opt/kde1 - unless that is what the SuSE packager
wants everyone to do. In this case, this installation scripts and
documentation for KDE 2.0 will do this for you.
All of this is my own set of assumptions. I have sent a message to
feedback@xxxxxxx asking for better documentation for the install process
for "final" KDE2.0.
Best regards

Eugene Tyurin
<eugene_tyurin@xxxxxxxx To: Paul C. Leopardi@Andersen Consulting,
m> suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxx
05/10/00 10:52 AM Subject: Re: [SLE] Re: kde 2 final & kde 1.x apps


I am not a SuSE employee, but I've installed KDE 2.0FinalBeta on my 6.4
machine, and here's my take:

1) Your old KDE 1.x is in /opt/kde - move the directory to /opt/kde1.
KDE2 will be installed by RPM to /opt/kde2 - symbolically link that to

2) Edit /opt/kde2/bin/startkde to adjust KDE1 directory structure to
point to /opt/kde1 instead of /opt/kde - you'll need this for KDELIBS
which apparently matters only to KDE1 applications.

3) Now you can edit /opt/kde2/share/config/kdmrc to your heart's
content. Keep in mind that NoUsers list used to be separated by ';' -
now it's separated by ','.

4) Welcome to the working KDE2 setup where all of your KDE1 applications
(kpilot in my case) still work. ;^)


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