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Re: [SLE] 108 key keyboard
  • From: abrahams@xxxxxxxxxxx (Paul W. Abrahams)
  • Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2000 10:32:09 -0400
  • Message-id: <39A92669.36A9CD0E@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Mark Gray wrote:

> "Paul W. Abrahams" <abrahams@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > Mark Gray wrote:
> >
> >> Yesterday I bought a new 108 key keyboard which has a row with
> >> <Power><Sleep><Wake> keys right below the row containing
> >> <Delete><End><Page-down> and was wondering if anyone has figured out
> >> how to access them from X. From searching the net and grepping
> >> through the xkb configuration files it appears that I will have to
> >> write my own keymapping configuration files (please correct me if I am
> >> wrong) and I was hoping someone had already done this. (Actually,
> >> their location is real lousy and I keep hitting them instead of the
> >> <Delete><End><Page-down> keys, so I will probably just map them to be a
> >> copy of the row above :-)
> >
> > Have you yet figured out which keycodes they send (including the cases
> > where they're shifted with Ctl, Shift, or Alt)? If you haven't, try firing
> > up xev (it detects X events) and pressing the keys to see what X thinks
> > they are doing.
> Unfortunately there appears to be more to it than that -- neither xev
> nor showkey -s even sees that the keys have been pressed, so it
> appears that the bios or the kernel has to send some sort of
> initialization sequence to the keyboard before the keys can be used.

'Fraid so. I have a similar problem with a Logitech keyboard that has a bunch of
Web keys: www, history, open url, back, forward, etc. xev doesn't see any of
them. And if xev doesn't see them, X doesn't see them either.

I think you're right: something has to be sent to the keyboard before the keys
can be used. I doubt if there's anything you can do within X to make them
visible. Unfortunately the keyboard manufacturers set up this stuff for Windows
and aren't willing to release the specs so that we can use those keys under
Linux. I had a post on this subject a while back.

Paul Abrahams

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