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[SLE] Installing via NFS
  • From: robertc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (robertc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
  • Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 08:23:02 -0400
  • Message-id: <Springmail.105.967206182.0.11638000@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

We are attempting an install via NFS. This works as long as we don't need to change CDs. If we have to move to CD 2 then the system that is being installed gives an error that the correct CD isn't mounted.
Steps followed on the NFS server:
umount /cdrom
mount /dev/hdc /cdrom
Distribution is SuSE 6.4.

Can do a ls on the NFS server /cdrom and get files. If we manually do a mount on the remote system then we do not see files
(mount -t nfs /mnt )
Obviously we missed something along the way... Any ideas??

Related question. If we wanted to copy the CD's down to a directory structure on the server (example: /usr/local/installs/suse64/ )
do we just need to do a straight copy of the contents of the /suse directory of the CDs or are there extra files (like contents, etc) that need to be copied?

Any advise or pointers to where we may have missed something in the manual are appreciated.


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