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[SLE] Maintenance: go to reiserfs: howto and warnings?
  • From: sneep@xxxxxxxxx (Maarten Sneep)
  • Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 11:36:16 +0200 (CEST)
  • Message-id: <XFMail.000825113616.sneep@xxxxxxxxx>


After the flame-war, let's talk linux again ;-)

We have a server (NFS) for our 12 computers here at the university (just for
the PhD students in our group). The server has two SCSI hard-drives and enough
RAM. Each of the drives is 8 G and one drive could hold all the data on the

Currently I have the (simple) partition table below.
/boot sda1
/ sda3
(swap) sda2
/home sdb1

each nigh a backup is made of /home and /etc into a directory /backup (on
sda3). This causes a lot of writes, and may have caused some problems on sda3.

I'm thinking to replace the partition scheme with the following. Because the
server has been used for some time now, I have some educated guesses about the
sizes of the various partitions. What I try to do is separate the read/write
parts of the system onto a different partition for the bits that are
essentially read-only. A power outage would then cause a lot less damage.

/boot sda
/var sda
/backup sda
/opt sda
/usr sda
/home sdb
/ sda

Do you have comments on this? I'm thinking of switching to reiserfs for this
system, any comments there? Anything I should be carefull with?

Thanks for you attention,

Maarten Sneep

Maarten Sneep
Atomic- and Laser Physics group
vrije Universiteit, amsterdam
The Netherlands

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