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Re: [SLE] Disgruntled Customer (README)
  • From: hattons@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Steven T. Hatton)
  • Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 08:04:01 -0400
  • Message-id: <39A50F31.4A2E25EF@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

"Timothy R. Butler" wrote:

> Well, it wasn't really serious. However, it was annoying that out of the box,
> two of the three graphical package managers I know of (Kpackage, xrpm, and Gnorpm)
> didn't work. But, as I have said, I don't use SuSE full time yet - I'm hoping with
> KDE 2 Beta 4 ("Koolout") that I might finally migrate from Windows - but I haven't
> yet. So, I would imagine if I can find 4 or 5 packages that didn't work right,
> then someone using SuSE all day everyday would probably find a lot more (i.e. like
> the Netscape bug).
> -Tim
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You are correct. I was quite frustrated by the problems with the GUI package
managers, but Yast did work. That are quite a few tricks you can do with that chunky
old tool. Part of the reason the package managers were overlooked is that Linux
old-timers look at things like these as wrappers around the important stuff. They
most likely don't use them. What I believe has happened with 6.4 is that the tools
that are most accessible to the inexperienced user were the ones which were broken.
This is unfortunate. It means the new users did not have a good experience. :-( Not
good for SuSE. I will say I saw patches go out as soon as people posted reports of
their problems.

When I look at the scope of their undertaking, the SuSE folks do a job which I must
say I would be hard pressed to equal.

On a personal note. You said something about the German people that was less that

Last year I went to visit my brother in Cincinnati. He took me out to see two very
old stone Churches in Northern Ky. At the first church he pointed out certain trade
marks of the stone work. He told me my grandmother's grandfather built the church.
It was some kind of non-denominational Protestant church. Then my brother took me to
the other church. He showed me the same trade marks in the stone work. Above the
entrance of the church, barely legible, were the words "Deutsche Roemische
Katholische Kirche". (please forgive my spelling) Then he took me down through a very
old, and still well maintained, graveyard, down the hill, and through the gate to the
part the the graveyard where the buried the "other" folks. All the crumbling
gravestones are inscribed in German. That's were they buried my grandmother's

I've never been a Christian, but I have read the Bible. Grandma taught me something
she called the "Golden Rule" - "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."


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