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RE: [SLE] Beta testing SuSE?

> That's what I'm thinking too. SuSE isn't (IMHO) worth a price
> increase. For that, there are too many things in the distro that
> aren't 'it'. For the money SuSE costs until 6.4, it was ok-ish. But
> increase the price, and I'm off to Debian, or *BSD...

Seems like this is a really really bad time for SuSE to start charging more. I,
myself, have the main complaint of the documentation opening up in german and
forcing me to scroll down and click [English] to read it - but it sounds like some
have found much more serious problems. This, combined with what I mention a few
days ago as reasons why newbies might not use SuSE, and it sounds like SuSE is
alienating both parts of current and future users. As RMS's Gnu Hymn goes "That's
not good hackers, that's not goooooood!"


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