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Re: [SLE] Vmware crashing
  • From: david.herbison@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (David Herbison)
  • Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2000 09:58:28 +0200 (MET DST)
  • Message-id: <Pine.GSO.4.20.0008080954320.9976-100000@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

OK, last night I tried runing as root and got the smae problem. I even
resinstalled the original xshared package to see if that was causing
problems - no. So as a final attempt I'll try reloading the original SuSE
kernel (I had compiled my own), and the suggestion below, and if it still
doesn't work, I think I'll have to give up with VMware. Pity, because
even though it was slow, I liked it, just for things like Autoroute
Express and Matlab.


> Hi again,
> VMWare says this on crashing hosts:
> Q: completed successfully, but each
> time I power on VMware, my Linux host crashes.
> A: We see this problem most commonly when a Linux
> vendor ships a Linux kernel distribution whose
> properties are kernel version x and normal symbols,
> then you install a heavily patched kernel (for
> example, a Mosix kernel) with the same version number
> and normal symbols.
> VMware ships pre-built modules with the same
> properties as the kernel distribution. For example,
> version x and normal symbols. After you install a
> heavily patched kernel, must be run
> again. Because neither kernel has the mangled symbols
> property, VMware prebuilt modules are viewed as
> compatible and loaded. In fact, the modules are
> incompatible and hence crash your machine at run time.
> The long-term solution to this problem is to ask that
> your distribution vendor always use the mangled
> symbols property when building a kernel. Mangled
> symbols reflect incompatible interface changes between
> kernels, and the VMware prebuilt modules for a
> particular Linux release would not be viewed as
> compatible with a heavily patched kernel release.
> The short-term solution is to run
> --compile, which will ignore VMware prebuilt modules
> and will force a build of modules for your heavily
> patched kernel.

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