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RE: [SLE] SUSE 6.4/php

Hi al,

There are functions within PHP which handle the manipulation/Creation etc
of images.... (with the use of GD)
MYSQL/PHP are a very powerful combination....

see inline comments...

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> From: Tim Duggan [SMTP:tduggan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: 29 June 2000 16:41
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> Subject: RE: [SLE] SUSE 6.4/php
> Hi,
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> From: Ed Scott [SMTP:edscott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2000 10:31 AM
> >We need some advice for a system that we may get to build. It
> >should run through a browser. An automated task in C/C++ and
> >PERL would collect numerical data, process it and convert the result
> >into GIF or PNG images. This collection and processing task might
> >run once a day or several times per day depending on the source of
> >data. The image files will be very small. We have heard that MySQL
> >would be a good choice since it is fast and we do not need
> >transactions.
MYSQL can store Images etc as BLOB objects sow you won't have image
files cluttering you filesystem. You should see the performance benchmarks
...It wipes the floor with all the major DB vendors.!!

> Seems reasonable, since you mention browsers and MySQL you might want to
> have a look at phpMyAdmin I've just
> started looking at it and it seems rather nice.
> >The other part of the architecture is for users via intranet or web
> >browser and consists of a series of pages that are like templates to
> >display a set of images (data) selected by time period. Currently we
> >have a simple mockup using JavaScript and DHTML which works well
> >with canned pages. We are thinking to use Apache. We may
> >eventually want to allow users to add annotation that could be entered
> >into the database but this application will primarily be a one way
> pipe.
see for a serious content management system
> If you need dynamic pages have a look at php.
> >Questions:
> >1) What other software can you suggest?
> >2) Are there any descriptions or examples as web pages, books or
> >etc., of architectures similar to this?
See ( I like
this one)
> >3) What tutorials, courses or books suggestions can you offer on
There are some nice tutorials at check under the
Apache and also the PHP areas

> >software components like Apache, MySQL and etc.?
> >4) The potential development platforms are SuSE, Mandrake and
> >FreeBSD - any tradeoff comments? The deliverable platform is the
> >same but we may also need to run on Sun Solaris. Comments?
> >5) Does SuSE contract consultant/mentoring for projects like this?
> >Typical costs? We can build it ourselves I think but would benefit
> from
> >Apache, MySQL and etc. advice.
Sounds like you've made a good choice...



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