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[SLE] More on my ssh situation

I could finally use "putty" as a WindowsNT client. It's a old school command
line terminal emulator, so SSH Secure Shell Client is _far_ preferable from
an ease of use standpoint. It starts up in a kind of telnet session and then you
can open a file transfer session. That all works pretty well compared to
entering cryptic commands in putty.

Tera Term with the TTSSH extensions seem like they would be alright, but I
can't seem to get that combo to work very well. It sort of connects to the SuSE
box but then nothing happens or is possible.


Um, on the other hand, now my network crashes if I move files from either
my Windows or my Macintosh computers to or from my SuSE box using samba or

The samba/netatalk has been fantastic up to now, so clearly ssh is a suspect.

Is there anything about ssh that would keep samba or atalk from running
correctly? Basically, it will start to copy or get a file and then the network
dies and everything freezes on the transferring computer.

I also tried to do a regular ftp from my Macintosh to the SuSE box and that
kills the network as well. On my WindowsNT box it's an unusally hard failure
which practically locks up the computer. Same on the Mac side.

I can however use my ipchains fine without crashing- ie I can surf from the Mac
or Windows computers without any problems. It's file transfer that sets off
this network death.

My messages log seems to reveal nothing. Anything else I can check?


In my desperation to get ssh working earlier, I installed both ssh1 and ssh2.
Do I need both? I'm starting to think not.

Also, if I log in as a user and su to root, is that pretty safe? I'm starting
to like the idea of remote administration. Hey, I'm only 20 years too late on
that bandwagon!

Thanks everyone. I know some of you are laughing that it takes some of us days
to do what should only take minutes, so please have a little empathy.

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