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RE: [SLE] Ad Blocking (was Alternative Web Browser)

> I seem to recall you originally said "application", but if you said
> "program" then it makes little difference. Without being pedantic about
> exact meanings of words, the concept that you differentiate between doing
> "something" on a computer that is running locally as opposed to something
> running on the network is interesting. What if the program is running on
> another computer but is being displayed (via X) on the machine on your
> desk? How does this differ to running the program locally?

I should be more specific. Here is what I'm using as definitions for my

-Application: Local or Networked full fledged program with access to
everything in your system.
-Applet/Web site: Networked program/page that in theory shouldn't have
full access.

> Seriously, on this point I'm not wanting to get into a stupid flame war,
> just think about it. It makes no difference where something is running. It
> also makes no difference how the "application" runs, be it a local
> program, remote X program, java program started via a web page, java
> program embedded in a web page or just even a HTML based app.

I personal think this all depends. And as I say, I have nothing against
the exisitence of adware - I just wouldn't use it. Just like how I expect
people who don't like sites with ads to not use those sites rather than find
loop holes.

> > > I'm not against ads in neither web pages or apps - but I disagree with
> > > your complaints when people block them.
> >
> > What do you propose then? If people block the ads that pay me
> the money to
> > create the content they come for, what I am suppose to do? Shut
> down? Just
> > imagine if all the PERL script sites, like my own, who were
> supported by ads
> > shut down. You could say good bye to Matt's Script Archive &
> >,, Selena Sol/Extropia, and many others
> I'm sure these sites offer fine services. I don't actually propose
> anything. What I expect to happen is the market for web advertising will
> sort itself out anyway - and I wouldn't bet my commercial interests on
> things staying how they are. If web ads become obtrusive then more people
> will turn to ad blockers which will cause less web ads, pretty
> simple. You're right, this could cause some sites to stop functioning. I'm
> not saying this is a good thing. Hopefully web ads won't become too
> intrusive and so this won't happen.

Mine sure won't, and neither will most web sites. I surely hope that the
ones that do don't ruin it for all.

> As I said before, I'm not advocating an ad free web, I just believe people
> should be allowed to run ad blockers. If you want to try to block ad
> blockers (!) in some way, you're free to do that too.

Isn't it funny that the webmaster gets to worry about other people's
problems? Because some people don't want to see ads, I have to figure out
how to avoid that ruining it for myself and everyone else.

> If you think the open source movement is driven by money made from web
> adverts, then I would disagree with you. There are a great many other ways
> to be a professional open source developer, web ads is just one - and one
> I think is probably the least successful.

I don't think it is driven by it, although many parts of it are. And if
you ask me, isn't it better than having that software move to the dreaded

> As to the paying for software, where do you think the money comes from
> that you get from the ads? When a washing powder commercial is on TV, who
> do you think pays for that? Directly or indirectly the consumer ends up
> paying. The real people who make money in your case are the ad companies.

True, true. Well, actually, I make more than the ad company because I have
an exculivity contract, but yes - the consumer does pay. Isn't that true
with everything though? No matter what, there are only a few things that
don't come with something that could be called a "price."
My argument isn't as much on all of these things as that I think that if
you don't like ads, you shouldn't say "well I'll just force my opinion on
those sites" - instead you should just avoid sites sponsored by ads. If you
don't like the price, don't expect to receive the product.

> > My $0.02...
> Which may have been better earned by writing some more scripts (or
> sticking more ads on your site) ;)

I've been giving so many of my cents, I'm gonna go broke soon. ;-)
Especially on the KDE-General list - Derek can attest to that one...


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