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Re: [SLE] Network security

On Fri, 26 May 2000, Nick Zentena wrote:

>Most people either have an old out date computer lying around or can get one
>fairly cheap. They aren't much use for modern windows users but make great
>firewall machines. Recycle: turn old computers into firewalls-)

Yep. My sister, who somehow has more computers than I do in spite of the fact
that she's a student and her boyfriend's a carpet-layer, gave me a 486sx/25
box as payment for computer support (and also to avoid having to haul it to the
trash). Makes a fine firewall on my modem line. I'm thinking on starting to
set up a 486/66 on a PCI motherboard as a second firewall, so I'll have it
ready (with two network cards) when I get a DSL or cable modem.

(Irrelevant note: the total theoretical bandwidth of the processor bus to memory
on these old machines is approximately 1 gigabit per second. Some companies are
installing networks with the same theoretical bandwidth to the desktop.)

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