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Re: [SLE] Is Linux Ready? WYSIWYG editors rants......

On 24 May 2000, at 8:12, Samy Elashmawy wrote:

> I have never written a line of html code , besides a few lines to
> start a java tutorial app , Why is it so difficult for the gui/wsywig
> editers to do html layout , why the need for hand editing ?
> The wsiwig stuff I use are browsers , wordprossers , and data base
> apps, as well as some programing with delphi which uses wsywig to
> place components. Thas one app I would realy like to see on Linux.

I don't quite get this myself. The simple fact is that every
WYSIWYG html editor I've ever seen writes non-compliant html,
and none of them come with a *validator* to check for and correct
their mistakes.

For writing *compliant* html, Dreamweaver is one of the better
WYSIWYG ones, as is Toppage, but if you validate it there are
mistakes that need to be corrected, and more often than not, they
are nesting errors.

Word processors don't screw up their formatting, neither do
desktop publishing apps. There are IDEs that generate huge code
templates and they don't (well, this might be stretching a bit,
especially the ones made by the unmentionables in Redmond)
generate bad code. It would seem that with the obvious demand
for writing good html code, someone would have written an html
editor that works right.

Just my rant about html editors....

BTW, I like quanta, bluefish, and vim (the best of the lot).

"Custard pies are a sort of esperanto: a universal language."
--Noel Godin

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