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Re: [SLE] Is Linux Ready?
  • From: donh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Don Hansford)
  • Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 02:14:41 +1000
  • Message-id: <392AAE71.7DA437FC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Kevin Jackson wrote:
> What browser are you using?

In any browser you can choose to turn "frames off". That's one other
thing the WYSIAWYGS don't do, is create a page for customers who are
coming through a firewall that sets "frames=off". All my pages have a
"text only" link, that leads to pages that show nil but text. They also
all include "alt" tags for those who must use a visually impaired type
system. These are all things I do as a matter of course when I am
building a site. Unfortunately, most WYSIAWYG builders have no setting
for this!

> If you don't have a browser with frame capability then you are really in
> need of an upgrade.

Wrong! Your site-builder is in need of education!

> DreamWeaver don't set the standards - its an editor/design tool.

But it helps a lot if you can MEET the standards!

> It puts
> the things on the page how you want them.

You just spent a lot of time telling us how it does the job FOR you, now
you're saying it only does what you tell it too.?! I am confused!

> If it doesn't display correctly
> on your machine then submit a bug report

Hope you've got a lot of space on your harddrive, because 99% of bug
reports I've seen come straight to the Webmaster.

- not dis Macromedia.

-nor dis Bluefish

> Kev


Regards Don Hansford
Surfing the Net (without crashing)
With SuSE 6.4 Linux (Thanx Linus!)
"Microsoft democratised the computer market and served as a catalyst
in making computers available to everybody. Later, however, they did
as many revolutionaries do -- they became dictators. History has
taught us the inevitable fate of dictators."

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