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RE: [SLE] Is Linux Ready?

> I have never used DreamWeaver, but will take your word for it that it
> generates 'clean' HTML. But the one thing that seals it for me, is the
> fact that they have not, and apparently, will not, release a
> version for
> Linux. Therefore, I will not use their product.

So what you are saying - if you can do EXACTLY the same work in half the
time, using a tool that runs on Microsoft - you wouldn't use it?

I am a Linux afficianado - I will tout Linux as much as possible - but I
like making my job easier. But I won't use a tool just because there isn't
a Linux equivalent.

If your argument is because you have a Linux OS only then fair enough - you
can't get around that (easily)! But if you are maintaining web pages for a
living then I'd get a tool to save me time, even if it meant me booting up

I do understand completely about the workmanship side of things. There
ain't nothing worse going to a site that took way too long to load just
because it went about the hard way to display the page. Older web design
tools didn't do the best job at putting what you had designed on screen down
into code, but as I said earlier, the professional web designers I know ALL
use DreamWeaver. I'm not talking little commissioning jobs, neither. And,
of course, most of them have a local Linux machine for local testing of
these pages! :)

Have a look at DreamWeaver and tell me what you think. It is the best so
far. I wouldn't even put it in the same leauge as "the bad bunch".

And, if I got wine working with DreamWeaver I'd boot more into Linux at
home. :)

As far as a Linux version goes - there is a wish list page at Macromedia.
Put your 2 pence worth in and who knows...


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