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Re: [SLE] Is Linux Ready?
  • From: fountai@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Derek Fountain)
  • Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 14:11:55 +0100
  • Message-id: <392A839B.288AE22C@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> > I disagree! There is nothing fool hardy about developing a web page in very
> > much the same way you design DTP. This is the goal of "WYSIWYG" Web
> > development packages. By WYSIWYG (the term started in the first thread of
> > this email) for the purpose of these emails we mean what you design is what
> > you see on the browser. And by WYSIWYG it is obvious we mean like VB.
> rant
> I look upon these things with the same level of disdain that I look at
> those "engine rebuild in a can" type products. Just because the end
> result is passable, doesn't mean that a good, workmanlike, job has been
> done. Sure, you can pour a can of STP in to shut up the knocks in the

Presumably you also program in assember because you don't
trust a compiler to do a workman like job in building an
executable? Do you trust a word processor to lay out your
documents correctly? Or a DTP program? Where do you draw the

Some things can't be done properly by computer. That's why
those program generator programs from the 80's never really
took off. But HTML is, for the most part, easy, and
therefore easy to automate.

> through repetitive parts of a job, so-called 'editors' like FrontPage,
> Composer, Publisher, etc try to let an amateur do a professionals' job,
> and consistently fail.

The fact that these editor programs exist and vast numbers
of web sites are created using them kind of blows a hole in
your argument. An amateur with a good tool can cover 95% of
the web site creation task. A professional with a good tool
can cover 98% of it. If you, as a professional, choose to do
that 98% yourself the hard way, that's your business.
Personally, I'd rather get that bit done with a tool and
concentrate on the last 2%. It's that last little bit that
sets OK sites apart from outstanding ones.

> Like I've said in every industry I've been in, but even more so in
> anything computer related, "You can have it cheap, or you can have it
> good. But you ain't going to have it good AND cheap!"

Like SuSE Linux?

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