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Re: [SLE] Is Linux Ready?
  • From: donh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Don Hansford)
  • Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 22:22:53 +1000
  • Message-id: <392A781D.DC6DEF31@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> I disagree! There is nothing fool hardy about developing a web page in very
> much the same way you design DTP. This is the goal of "WYSIWYG" Web
> development packages. By WYSIWYG (the term started in the first thread of
> this email) for the purpose of these emails we mean what you design is what
> you see on the browser. And by WYSIWYG it is obvious we mean like VB.

I look upon these things with the same level of disdain that I look at
those "engine rebuild in a can" type products. Just because the end
result is passable, doesn't mean that a good, workmanlike, job has been
done. Sure, you can pour a can of STP in to shut up the knocks in the
engine, but would you then want to keep the car? The first "tradesman"
who looked inside would know that a shoddy, patch-up job has been done.
All-same web pages. As an interested party, I will often call up the
page source to see why a particular page is bad (or good) at something.
All too often the bad ones have WYSIWIG editor names in the header file.
Where tools like Bluefish or Arachnophilia provide shortcuts to get
through repetitive parts of a job, so-called 'editors' like FrontPage,
Composer, Publisher, etc try to let an amateur do a professionals' job,
and consistently fail.
I have never used DreamWeaver, but will take your word for it that it
generates 'clean' HTML. But the one thing that seals it for me, is the
fact that they have not, and apparently, will not, release a version for
Linux. Therefore, I will not use their product.
A big percentage of my (and I'm sure other peoples') work involves
maintaining websites that were originally written by someone else. Some
of the one's I come across in the course of my work are nothing short of
a dogs' breakfast! One (just last month) had every point where most of
us would use a "<P>", made up instead of line after line of "&nbsp".
Like about 80-100 in a row!
Like I've said in every industry I've been in, but even more so in
anything computer related, "You can have it cheap, or you can have it
good. But you ain't going to have it good AND cheap!"
end rant


Regards Don Hansford
Surfing the Net (without crashing)
With SuSE 6.4 Linux (Thanx Linus!)
"Microsoft democratised the computer market and served as a catalyst
in making computers available to everybody. Later, however, they did
as many revolutionaries do -- they became dictators. History has
taught us the inevitable fate of dictators."

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