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Re: [SLE] Is Linux Ready?
  • From: donh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Don Hansford)
  • Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 20:59:16 +1000
  • Message-id: <392A6484.34523025@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Mark Evans wrote:

> Interestingly one of my complaints about packages such as Netscape,
> Star Office, Kmail, etc is that they are very much tied to the "Windows"
> way of handling multiple users. i.e. end users are expected to enter
> all sorts of details, POP3 usernames/passwords, etc. Rather than the
> approach used with traditional unix applications (even old Netware
> email apps) where information is infered by the username/UID.
> The concepts of "Your email is in /var/spool/mail/<user>,
> ~/Mailbox, ~/Maildir/ or even \\server\<user>\Maildir\,
> SYS:MAIL\<bind-id>, etc"; "Your details are in /etc/passwd,
> passwd.byname, bindary, NDS tree, etc keyed to your username/UID";
> "Your bookmarks/history/cookies live in your user directory"
> So valuable for having workstations easily usable by any user
> appear to have passed many current programmers by.

I couldn't agree more!
<rant> The (other) very real issue, is readily apparent as well. Look at
Melissa, ILOVEYOU, and associated virii... they can't DO anything on a
system where permissions are set on a file by file basis, rather than "
you got past the login, so you must be okay" mindset.
I have the utmost respect for the business and marketing ability of M$,
and if it weren't for them I'd probably still be driving RoadTrains. But
by enabling all sorts of people to have access to a data medium like the
interenet, in such a haphazard way, they have created a rod for their
own backs. </rant>


Regards Don Hansford
Surfing the Net (without crashing)
With SuSE 6.4 Linux (Thanx Linus!)
"Microsoft democratised the computer market and served as a catalyst
in making computers available to everybody. Later, however, they did
as many revolutionaries do -- they became dictators. History has
taught us the inevitable fate of dictators."

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