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Re: [SLE] Is Linux Ready?
  • From: samelash@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Samy Elashmawy)
  • Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 13:48:18 +0000
  • Message-id: <>

Part of the problem is lack of applications (in comparison to M$)
Part is culture.

Linux is tied into the unix way of thinking (I come from a dos/windows
windows world) and the tools and metaliity are just diffrent.

ie editors. vi and emacs . I bet youl find a programing/html module for
either of these vernable tools.
But , if you come from a windows world ie editor.exe or the wondows version
, where there are a whole bunch of pull down menues that do it all for you.
The only thing I have seen was edy and it was in german.

I now use joe , and nned to constanly look up the key commands. Kedit in
nice too , in x if you have it running.

Things are changeing , and more chioces are starting to appear. ie corel
linux WPO2000 has just came on line , and there ais applicawae and star
office as well , for that segment of the market. WP Offce 2000 even has
paradox for those uf us who are "database challenged" , and even pgaccess
if you want to incvest the time . Applixware has a data module ( I realy
want to try that real soon) that I hope will fill my neads , as I realy
like applixware , especialy on older hardware.

then there the culture thing . Linux is more of a rough id out as it is or
with what you got kind of enviorment , that requirs you investr the time
and effort into the technical aspects of it.Lucky gor the gpl enviorment ,
and the eas of taking whats allready ben built and wworking with it to
build your needs on top of whats there. Windows is much more of a newbie /
hand held eviorment and there is not the need for so much technical
familiarity , as everthing is put behind check boxes , pull down list and
radio button forms.

At 09:18 AM 5/23/2000 -0800, Rusty wrote:
>You know, I read all of the posts that were written regarding whether or
>not Linux was ready for the desktop and ready to compete with
>Guess what? I don't think so yet. Let me give you a for instance.
>This morning I was looking for a HTML editor that had a few bells and
>whistles to make the job easier. I went to the TUCOWS site and examined
>the offerings. For Windoz, there were so many programs offered that it
>was hard to make a choice. I then proceeded to the Linux section. I
>immediately got suspicious when there was not presented a clear cut
>choice. It seems that HTML editing is not straight forward. You are
>presented with four (4) categories, each category embellished with a
>photograph of a good looking young man or woman. What those categories
>or the photos have to do with the software is beyond me.
>To cut to the quick of this matter, it seems that the only HTML editors
>for Linux are the same old sorry text editors, i.e., jed, joe, pico and
>every masochist's dream vi and all of it's incarnations.
>As much as I despise Mickeysoft for their nasty business practices,
>their horribly written software and their total lack of support, they
>are way ahead in the small things that make life easier.
>I don't want to write HTML in vi. In fact I don't want to ever write
>anything in vi or TeTex. I enjoy a few creature comforts from time to
>time and for the time being it seems that Linux does not yet offer
>enough to compete.
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