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[SLE] Is Linux Ready?
  • From: irisinc@xxxxxxx (Rusty)
  • Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 09:18:19 -0800
  • Message-id: <392ABD5B.4317DAE@xxxxxxx>

You know, I read all of the posts that were written regarding whether or
not Linux was ready for the desktop and ready to compete with

Guess what? I don't think so yet. Let me give you a for instance.
This morning I was looking for a HTML editor that had a few bells and
whistles to make the job easier. I went to the TUCOWS site and examined
the offerings. For Windoz, there were so many programs offered that it
was hard to make a choice. I then proceeded to the Linux section. I
immediately got suspicious when there was not presented a clear cut
choice. It seems that HTML editing is not straight forward. You are
presented with four (4) categories, each category embellished with a
photograph of a good looking young man or woman. What those categories
or the photos have to do with the software is beyond me.

To cut to the quick of this matter, it seems that the only HTML editors
for Linux are the same old sorry text editors, i.e., jed, joe, pico and
every masochist's dream vi and all of it's incarnations.

As much as I despise Mickeysoft for their nasty business practices,
their horribly written software and their total lack of support, they
are way ahead in the small things that make life easier.

I don't want to write HTML in vi. In fact I don't want to ever write
anything in vi or TeTex. I enjoy a few creature comforts from time to
time and for the time being it seems that Linux does not yet offer
enough to compete.


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