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RE: [SLE] relational database for linux

> From: Samy Elashmawy


> Phil , are you sing it in a mixed linux /win95/8 eviorment ? ie windoes
> apps accessing linux interbase on a linux server ?

I am currently running Interbase on a number of platforms, Linux, Windows,
Solaris, NetWare and even OpenVMS. The actual database file(s) are platform
independent, you can just 'copy' them between platforms (as long as no one
is using them of course).

Most of my 'desktop' client applications are on Windows, but I use PHP /
Perl / Java severlets on Linux/Solaris and I do a lot of system processing
(imports/exports etc.) on the server

> Any easier to set up in this type enviormant as compared to postgress.

Just change the connection string to the DB from '/usr/interbase' to
'C:\Program files\Interbase\' no code changes in client or server needed.

> Why interbase as opsed to postgress ?

I have been using Interbase for years, I keep trying out Postgress, but IMHO
Interbase is always that bit better. Interbase also sticks to ANSI SQL
standards, which some times is a bad thing, but it does make your server
code easy to port to other RDBMS like Oracle if you need that extra bit more
(and a lighter wallet).



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