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Re: [SLE] help - win98 defrag destroyed ext2 partitions

If I could get my pc games to work with linux, I would bin win98,

Looks like a it possible to re-install just the affected
partitions, i.e. /var /tmp /usr/local /home from the SuSE cd's?


P.S. Besides games the other thing that would keep me using win98 is playing
DVD films, has anyone got a SuSE howto on playing DVD films?


>It is interesting to note that Win95 never bothered other partitions.
>This 'feature' is proabably added to discourage dual boots with Linux.
>Your best choice would be to boot your SuSE install CD, reformat hda1
>as ext2 and make SuSE your only OS. Works for me!

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