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Re: [SLE] DSL PPPO and Bell Atlantic OT
  • From: hattons@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Steven T. Hatton)
  • Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 23:33:38 -0400
  • Message-id: <38FFCC12.124A55C1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Over the weekend my Bell Atlantic DSL connection went down. This
happened while I was reconfiguring my router and firewall. Nothing like
tinkering with your connection to the outside world, and having that
connection go down from the other end. I called up BAN and asked them
what the problem was. They told me they don't support Linux. I said
I'm using NT 4.0 sp5 now. I rebooted because I know you don't support
Linux. They said they don't support sp5. I asked them if they had any
way for me to test to see if I was sending the correct signals to the
modem. They said no. I whiped the NT partition, replaced the NIC,
reinstalled the software, and called them back. Only then would they
admit the problem was on their end. Monday morning when I went to check
my stocks it was still down.

While this was going on a rather strange thing had taken place. IFCI
had closed with what was almost certainly an erronious bid. This caused
the valuation of my portfolio to drop to 10% above margin. Datek Online
automatically liquidated my entire portfolio with the exception of
IFCI. This cost me $3400.00 in real money, and about $10,000 in
earnings if I still had the same portfolio today.

I'm rather unhappy with Bell Atlantic right now. I am not even going to
say what I feel toward Datek. I can say I don't have an account with
thme, and they have been instructed to communicate exclusively via
certified mail. Anybody know a good lawyer in the DC area?

As regards my connection to BAN using Linux, I am chicken for now. I
use the rp-pppoed. It works like a champ as long as BAN doesn't drop
the line on me.


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