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Re: [SLE] CNN, SusE, Lousy PR
  • From: jmgrant@xxxxxxxxxxxx (John Grant)
  • Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2000 20:55:55 -0800 (PST)
  • Message-id: <200003070455.UAA14604@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Paul W. Abrahams said:
> One kind of program that isn't available for Linux as far as I know is the
> equivalent of TurboTax. The trouble with income-tax programs is that they
> have to be updated every year, and no author of free software is going to
> make the effort to do that year after year. On top of that the details you
> have to deal with are details of IRS forms, not of programming.

I'm not worried; if Apple really is moving to a NeXT-derived OS (aka
Mach, aka BSD) then before long even M$ will be basically writing _some_
of their apps for an *ix-like platform. From there it's just a
relatively small step to Linux.

> Personally, I'd love to see Intuit dragged into the Microsoft case somehow or
> other. They are aiding and abetting the Microsoft monopoly by refusing to
> port their software to Linux even though it would probably be profitable for
> them to do so.

Unless they drop Mac support as well, they -will- come around. Say what
you like about Jobs, at least he knows that apps are important, so I
don't think he'll let companies like Intuit get away. (In fact, now
that I think about it, didn't he haul them back once already?) IMHO,
the only question is when, not if, we'll see a linux version of their

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