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Re: [SLE] CNN, SusE, Lousy PR
  • From: avi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Avi Schwartz)
  • Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 16:42:39 -0600
  • Message-id: <38C2E2DF.402B4876@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Jerry L Kreps wrote:
> BTW, Which tools do you use to develop? Is your output for
> internal use or does it hit the retail shelves?

I work for a consulting company here in Chicago, IL. My current project
involves mostly Java which makes my life a whole lot easier since I can
use my Linux laptop for the development. I use JBuilder Foundation as
the ide/debugger.

My previous project involved C++ and Perl. The fun part was that the
client for running they .com business on Linux servers so again, I was
able to use instead of Windows.

> Let's me recall..... I started my computer training at the
> Barnes School of Business in Denver, CO, in 1959. The IBM
> 402 tabulator was about 4'X4'X7' and weighed several tons,
> which is where the term 'heavy iron' came from. They were
> programmed by jumping plugs with cables. Later, in graduate
> school in 1967, I learned Fortran 64 on a CDC 6600, and

Oh yeah, I remember the big iron, the IBM 360 and the CDC Cybers. I
worked on the CDC for about 6 years, all in Fortran and Compass.

> later a Honeywell 200. KSR-33 keyboards were state of the
> art. My interests switched to PCs when I purchased the
> first AppleII+ sold in the state of Nebraska in 1978. Since
> that time, I have used Apple BASIC, Forth, Pilot, Prolog,
> Pascal, REV. & ADV. REV., COBOL, C, PB, VB, VFP and some
> minor languages during the 15 years I had my own consulting
> business, which I retired in 1995.

My first PC was an Atari 800, then came the first of a long chain of IBM
compatibles. Currently I have 3 desktops and 2 laptops. Luckily I have
enough room for all of them.

Avi Schwartz Get a Life
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